Software Development

High quality and economical
With ITADMINZ you will find easily the appropriate software solutions to develop and improve your business.
We able to design and develop your software programs depend on your business needs.
& There are some of our software solutions:-
  1. 3MELY CRM system:
    3MELY Program manages customer relationships in all financial, technical and administrative functions, and one of it’s the most important features that is providing a huge amount of data, files and records where 3MELY provide for each customer all these details in a single record.
    3MELY offers the ease in dealing with data, view, and editing it, also allows for a number of departments using it at the same time and it serves more than one sector in your organization.
    Customer support
    2. Manage and organize your sales& marketing activities
    3. Inventory management
    4. Fully secured
    5. Integration with e-mail
    6. Calendar
  2. ZERO Accounting system:
    Zero program of public accounts covering all stages of the accounting process and documentaries. It works to present comprehensive reports for each stage separately as varied properties and areas where it is used.
This program contributes mainly in raising the efficiency of public accounts system in companies and institutions of all sizes, leading to  make a success in the entity as a whole.
  1. Easy usage.
  2. ZERO program is working on Linux with Apache system and My SQL database.
  3. Fully secured.
  1. TAWASOL VOIP system:
    TAWASOL Program works as Tele communication server via the internet.
    It works on Linux operating system devices and it increases the computer capabilities within which to carry out the external communications for all branches located in different places as if they were combined in the same head office without additional costs, by adding some wire connections, configuration and  preparation the program with  availability of a particular type of phones to serve the system.
    Works as a central system.
    2. It provides communication gateway.
    3. Voice mail feature.
    4. Providing audio conferencing feature.
    5. It provides telecommunications services centers.
    6. Provide IVR feature.
  2. SHEFAA Health Care system:
    Shefaa is a Customer management software specialist in the medical field.
    This program logs all the details of the transactions taking place between the client/ patient and the management of the hospital or medical center as a linkage between the different accounts and technical management of the same place and displays the data recorded with easy way.
    Shefaa improves:
    1. Work efficiency.
    2. Business efficiency.