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Why have it done by ITADMINZ?

We at ITADMINZ committed to provide a high and competitive quality and security in addition to our good and suitable prices with 24 hours of free customer support.
We provide you a full package to help you build your online gate of perfection.
ITADMINZ aim to:
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • E-Business Solutions
  • Hosting/ Domain
  • Shooting/ Documentary
  • Promotional Publications
Know more about our services and follow us to know about our ongoing offers.

Why should I get online?

Just imagine if you have a branch works 24 hour a day for your customers, 7 days a week, 365 days a year? “The answer is clear. What other tools that allows companies and organizations to define themselves in the market as well as the provision of correspondence source directly with customers? The benefits of ITADMINZ websites services are countless.

Do you offer marketing & advertising tool for my business?

Sure, ITADMINZ offers you a wide range of online& offline marketing solutions help you improve your business performance, get more revenue and nothing can do that better than our Marketing & advertising solutions.
ITADMINZ provide you an integrated package of your marketing needs begining from content management, social media marketing and web analytics till designing and printing all your promotional publications.

Do you re-design websites?

Yes. We can re-design your website with maintaining the overall style of the site or re-design and change the style completely upon your requires and your business needs.
We re-design your website by the latest technology, also you can move your domain to us for free with ITADMINZ.

I already have a registered domain name with another institution. Can I continue to use the same domain name with a hosting service do you have?

Yes, Simply tell us your hosting package that you want and we will send you further instructions. The process is just reset your domain name servers depend on the instructions that we send to you. If you face any problem, we can do that for you.

Do I need a database on my website?

This depends on the amount of information you want to display on your website. If you have several products / services, it may be useful to integrate the database in the website design. We will discuss this in detail with you and if there is a need to integrate the data base with your website, we will explain the details of how we do that work. We design your website according to your specific needs.

Process used to connect Domains with ITADMINZ server.

1 – Send us an order for (New Host Request).
2 – Send us your web site files.
3 – Edit your domain name with our DNS.
4 – The final step will be viewing your web site content working correctly with the new DNS.

How to use the control panel of Admin (link - access data)?

Each website have a special admin and link so we provide each client a Manuel file for using his website admin panel and also we train you to be able to use it.

Stop receiving any new email Problem.

  • Be sure that your email quota is not full.
  • Try to send email from another email you Owen.
  • Try to send from your email to another email you Owen.
  • Determine if you are receiving failed return message in both cases.
  • Send this failed message to our support team or create support ticket.

My e-mail didn't send correctly to other e-mails, and received an error message!

If your account working correctly sending/receiving may be this problem refers to some spam filters issues, in this case you are requested to send the error message to our support team and we will get back to you.


How do I connect my website mail with Outlook program?

The following for Outlook 2007.
Go to >Tools then >Account Setting
Press >New
Choose the first choice >Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP, then press >Next
Mark front of >Manually Configure Server Settings
Then choose the first choice >Internet E-mail and press >Next
New page will show you special for adding a new account, please fill all required data:
Name: name that you want to appear in your inbox
E-mail Address: your website mail. (user@domain.com)
Account Type: choose POP3
Incoming mail server: Its form is (mail.domain.com)
Outgoing mail server: Its form (mail.domain.com) User Name: Its form (user@domain.com)
Password: Mail password is “Require login using Secure Password Authentication” _ leave it as it is without any changes.
– Press  >More Settings and select  >Outgoing Server
– Mark front of  >My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
– Choose Use same settings as my incoming mail server.
Choose from the drop button  >Advanced tab
Mark front of >This server requires an encrypted connection under Incoming Server
In front of Outgoing server type 465 and select SSL choice from the menu that front of word Use the following type of encrypted connection
Press OK
Now test the binding process, when you see the (Test Account Settings) and when you see the message (Congratulations! All tests completed successfully) that means the connection has been successfully.
Press Next and then Finish.
If you face any problem connect us and we will help you.

Email accounts settings on the Outlook step by step.

Follow the following steps below:







I can send e-mail on the Internet mail system. Why can not I receive e-mail there?

It may have been redirecting incoming messages to your e-mail to a different e-mail address so it will be received on the new mail address. You can change this by going to the Control Panel http://cp.YourDomainName.com (Note: the representative who only can access to the Control Panel)

How to use the control panel of Host (link according to the type of server) .

With c-Panel you can edit and control on your mails:
1- Create a new e-mail.
2- Cancellation old e-mail .
3- change e-mail’s password.
4- Increase e-mail’s space
5- Forward an e-mail to another e-mail
Follow the following steps to be able to make any edit on previous steps:

Steps to Transfer Domains to ITADMINZ!!

Firstly you must have the domain control panel to proceed with following steps
1 – Send us request for (transfer a domain to ITADMINZ ownership).
2 – Send the authentication code (you will receive it after we starting the transfer process).
3 – Make your domain statues (unlock).
4 – The final step will be viewing your domain content working correctly with the new DNS.

Steps to Transfer Domains from ITADMINZ!!

Firstly you must determine another registrar that you transfer to which will be owned control panel for domains.
1 – Send us request for (transfer a domain from ITADMINZ ownership).
2 – We will provide you with the Send the authentication code.
3 – We will Make your domain statues (unlock).
4 – The final step will be viewing your domain content working correctly with the new DNS.

I can't access my service (email, cpanel)!

Firstly we must determine the kind of the problem there is two kind of this problem
  1. The client can’t access the service correctly, kindly follow the below instructions:
    – Be sure that your internet connection is working correctly; try to open any other known web site.
    – Be sure that you are typing the URL correctly ignore outlook problems and try accessing your service using the browser.
    – Be sure that you are inserting the data correctly.
    – Insert the Google IP in your connection.
  2. The service is not working correctly.
    – We check your service condition to know what is the problem it refers as usual to some internet confects or changes from the ISP.